July 17, 2012 – Garden Bay, Canada

Rest & Retreat

Lacey and I are really excited to get away for a bit. Thankful to unwind and decompress.

Have a great week!


June 14, 2012 – San Diego, CA

Four years

It's hard to believe today marks four years of marriage. Every day married to Lacey seems to get better. And I am eternally grateful for the sharpening and intimacy that marriage brings out in me.

A few things that stick out from this year:

  • I so often catch myself thinking about Lacey when driving somewhere and smiling at our interaction. Our humor has meshed so much over the past few years.
  • She is still so beautiful to me.
  • Even as intimate as you feel you are, there is always more to explore. The unity of souls is a lifelong process.



May 23, 2012 – San Diego, CA

And ... we're back!

I've been excited about this blog for a while now and it is now live. Everything you see here is an idea I had that Keiran took and then made 1,000x more awesome than I could have ever hoped for.

Simple. Clean. Straight-forward. Beautiful. Light-weight. Functional. Incredible.

You see the "Aeliox" banner on the right?

Go ahead.

Click on it.

You will be catapulted into a world of wonder that Keiran has created. I am thrilled that this site is now part of his wonder.

To see another reason why this site is as good-looking as it is, check out Keiran in the photo below (or see more from this shoot).


May 21, 2012

Great Vinyl Shots

(I assume they are drawing their inspiration from here.)

May 18, 2012

Lonely Leap | Chris Burkard

Jeff Taylor is a great dude and dominates at what he does. I love how this piece came together on Chris Burkard.

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